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Discount Park Hopper Tickets For The Kids

About 3 years ago, I began to mentor children in the inner city. I was raised in the projects and I know how the lack of positive role models can negatively impact a child’s life. I have six children that I help with their homework and encourage to be all they can be. I was absolutely shocked when they both made straight A’s on their last report cards. I knew we had to do something real special but my budget didn’t permit anything really exquisite, or so I thought.

Discount Disney Park Hopper Tickets

While online trying to find something really special for the kids and myself to do, I ran across an offer for discount Disney park hopper tickets for Florida residents. With our valid Florida State ID’s we could get a discount substantial enough to put the tickets within my price range. After I reserved the tickets online, I could barely sleep that night. I couldn’t wait to see Ben and Lisa to tell them that I had discount Disney park hopper tickets reserved and waiting for us at the park.

I tossed and turned in my sleep that night and I kept dreaming that the kids and I were at the magic kingdom. When I went to see them the next day, they were very surprised I had come to visit. I told them I would do something special for them for making straight A’s and I arrived with some school supplies which I knew they needed anyway. Their mother already knew I had reserved the discount Disney park hopper tickets and she could hardly contain herself.

There was a great look of disappointment in the eyes of both Ben and Lisa when I handed them the notebooks and pencils and told them congratulations. They’re really good kids so they smiled politely and thanked me while trying to conceal their overwhelming disappointment. I had been planning to save the news of the discount Disney park hopper tickets until the day of the trip but the crushing disappointment which they obviously felt squeezed the truth out of me.

“We’re going to Disney World kids!” I blurted out before I could stop myself.

The news was so overwhelming that the children only stared blankly at each other before looking back at me in sheer disbelief.

“I already got the discount Disney park hopper tickets,” I explained with wide eyes.

This time, the good news soaked in and Ben and Bernice began to shriek with excitement and Ben actually began to cry tears of joy. This, in turn, caused Lisa to break down and eventually their mom and I did too. These children had been through so much in their young lives, far more than most kids their age, and the fact that they would remain strong and bring home all A’s was a testament to their resolve. Getting 3 discount Disney park hopper tickets was the least I could do.



Discount Disney Park Hopper Tickets

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