The Michael Jackson Experience At Captain EO’s

Being a huge Michael Jackson fan when I heard Disney was bringing back the Captain EO 4D show because of his untimely death I knew I had to see it. I jumped online and a did a quick search on some cheap Disney tickets. Of course there were many choices out there but i found the right deal for me. I instantly booked my trip and was set. My friends and I could not wait to get there and jam out to this amazing show playing in honor of the king of pop.

The time has arrived it is time to see the show. As soon as the park opened we headed straight to the theater. It is located on the right of the Imagination Pavilion by the World Showcase. The Theater holds almost 600 people so there is plenty of room no need to wait more than the length of a show to get in. They last about 20 minutes each run. There is a fast pass but unless you want a certain seat they really are not needed.


Other then it being a little too loud it was an amazing show and definitely worth the trip. Michael Jackson is the captain of the space ship and they are on a mission to deliver a package to the supreme leader. When the crew arrives at the planet to deliver the gift they are captured by the henchmen of the leader. Captain EO tells her after he is punished that he can still see the beauty within her and wants to change the world through is songs. He then sings “We Are Here To Change The World”. Robots turn to music instruments and the spell over the broken trashed out planet is lifted and beauty then shines through. But the Leader is Angry and orders them to be captured and taken to the dungeon. One of Captain EO ‘s crew members is able to turn another robot trying to capture them in to a dancer that start dancing with them all. All the other angry robots are then turned into dancers and band members rocking out and dancing to the music. The leader is also transformed into a beautiful lady and all end the show in a celebration to the song “Another Part Of Me”.

The show was amazing and the special effects were off the hook. The seats shake and bounce to the beat of the songs, there are LED lights that add to the show, and the back head rests let you hear the sneezes of the character Hooter. There are also the 3D effects of asteroids flying at you, lasers being shot your way, laser impacts in front of your face, smoke effects looking like you are being surrounded in it, and stars filling the theater making you feel you are really floating in outer space.

This is definitely a must see for all not just Michael Jackson fans. It is an attraction that everyone can enjoy young and old. There are handicap accessibility and it is even open to service animals. It is an amazing show with amazing affects and is a must see for all.