Get ready to scream out your lungs as the California Screamin tears through the air at a super fast speed. A thrilling ride on this state-of-the-art steel roller coaster will take your excitement to a new level. So, get ready to rock your world with an adventurous and breathtaking ride on the California Screamin.

This ride, which was opened to the park visitors in February 8, 2011, is the only steel-built roller coaster ride in the Disneyland Resort that has an inversion. With a speed of 55 miles per hour or 89 kilometers per hour, no other ride in Disneyland Resort is as fast as the California Screamin. If you have a thing for speed, this is definitely the ride you need to get on in this resort. In fact, this ride is one of the fastest rides at any Disneyland theme park.

Designed by Walt Disney Imagineering and built by Intamin, ranking at number eight among the longest roller coaster s worlwide, California Screamin has a length of 6,072 feet (1, 851m). It is the fourth longest steel-built roller coaster in the United States. Presently, this Disney roller coaster ride is the longest ride with an inversion in the world. Although steel was used to construct this roller coaster, the structure of the California Screamin visually resembles that of a wooden roller coaster.

Being the fastest ride in Disneyland Resort, the California Screamin is capable of accelerating guests from 0 to 55mph within four seconds after launch. This ride is really speed at its best. This ride swings guests at the rate of 55mph to 120 ft above the ground level – which is the highest point of the ride – followed by a 108 foot drop.

This roller coaster has six trains, each train having six cars. The carrying capacity of each car is 4 passengers per trip. There are about 550 sensors and 108 speakers on board this roller coaster. The California Screaming is one of the star attractions of Disneyland Resorts, attracting thousands of people yearly. Therefore, it is not a surprise that this roller coaster travels about 50,000 miles annually. Many park visitors can’t get enough of this thrilling, awesome, and incredible ride on six-miles of electrical wire.

If you want a formula-one –like speed experience, the California Screamin at Disneyland California Adventure will gladly fulfill your wish. With a speed of 55mph, you won’t get a faster roller coaster ride elsewhere. An adventure on this Disneyland roller coaster ride will definitely rock your world with excitements and thrills.

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