The Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Ride


The Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Ride is one the best rides a Disneyland. Children who are huge fan f Toy Story will have a gala time here. Your mission should you choose to accept is to help good old Buzz defeat the evil emperor Zurg. The ride has many elements which promote interaction and is one attraction everybody will enjoy.

While you are waiting in your line, you will be told that you are now a part of the super Galactic Allaince. Buzz now will give you some tips and teach you how you can help defeat the evil minions and ultimately get rid of emperor Zurg.

The vehicle which you will be seated down in will have a wheel for steering and a pair of guns for blasting the enemy. The track ride allows you to change the rotation of the vehicle from side to front to the back. If you like you can spin wildly too for a different kind of fun. The adventurous will certainly love a go at this ride.

While you are on the ride, one will be allowed to set off laser blasts at Zurg and his followers. For the correct shots, you will gain points.  Try and get as many as you can while you are on the ride.

You must make an effort to get a better score than you partner at least to save face. While you are shooting, a hidden camera takes your snap. After the ride, you are handed over the picture for a cheap fee and shown your scores.  A copy of the photo can also be emailed to you free of charge.

Disneyland has very few interactive rides which is why this one stands out from the rest. This ride is one you don’t want to miss for the world. You can ride it as many times as you like to ensure you get the best score if you aren’t happy with your current one. Even if you don’t manage to master the game, you will have fun on the ride.

For fun with Buzz, you must come to check out the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Ride.  Tickets don’t come at prices any lower than this. If you are looking to make a group and get a heavy discount, look up this site for more information. We are sure you will find something that will fit in your budget. There is nothing like saving your family money at any time of the year.