Is Bugs Life Land is for kids? Yes Sure It Is!  Bugs Life Land area in Disney land is entirely based on the theme depicted in the Pixar film A Bug’s Life. You can find two distinct sections here – one is Flik’s Fun Fair which contains a group of rides for children and then the water play area that is specially designed with the safety concern of young children’s. The water play area represents a scene from the film. You can also get a peak of the frictional movie universe just outside the water play area in It’s Tough to Be a Bug! theater.

This theatre was constructed in 2001 and has many original attractions that were later added to the theater. In the initial years of the theater’s life span, it suffered massive loses because there were very less rides appropriate for young children and also due to less stores to buy bug merchandise and restaurants to have a snack by using the E -Ticket.

Cheap Disneyland tickets were then issued after the announcement of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror opening which can be used in the Flik’s Fun Fair rides and water play area. Flik’s Fun Fair was inspired from the movie A Bugs Life in which Flik the hero of the movie who is a bug and his friends decides to build their own fun fair. Disneyland Imaginers build the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror after they conceived the idea that they could also create a fun fair like one in Disney’s California Adventure and opened it primarily to the park guests. Flik’s Fun Fair officially belongs to the A Bug’s Land. There are a lot of attractions related to Its Tough to Be a Bug! movie. The only available store inside the flick fun fair was reteamed to suit the characters of the movie – It’s Tough to Be a Bug! You can buy various merchandises of the characters in Its Tough to Be a Bug movie here.

The group of rides includes the Flik’s Flyers which is a pinner ride. It provides a sense of riding on top of food containers that is stitched together by leaves and twigs to create a balloon. This contraption fashioned ride uses several mad made junk materials like old cans and food containers. The vehicles used in these rides use food containers and old cans that are stitched together with the help of leaves and twigs and formed into a balloon that is whirled around the centerpiece pie plate. You could hear the whirring, cranking of the rides gears when the ride starts and leaves the ground. These sounds are artificially created to increase the excitement of your young kids. You can get a complete aerial view of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror from this ride. If you have ever tried out the Blowfish Balloon Race at Tokyo DisneySea, then you would find this ride very much similar to that. You don’t need any discount Disney land tickets on top of your existing Cheap Disney land tickets to get into the ride.

Bug's Life Land


The second of the four amazing rides is Heimlich’s Chew Train which is  a slow moving train and it goes throughout  the A Bugs Life Land. The train looks like Heimlich a caterpillar from the animated film. The character in the film is an overeater and it appears from the moving train that it is eating through giant candy corn, animal crackers, carrots, Brussels sprouts and watermelon. You can also sense the smell of the food from the train. At the end of the ride Heimlich reminds kids to eat their fruits and vegetables.

Next ride is Francis’s Ladybug Boogie which is too a spinning ride. The lady bug ride carries up to 6 guests on each bug and goes around spinning in eight different styles. The jazz music adds to the fun.

Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies are a set of 21 bug shaped bumper cars that are designed to talk with the gust while they are riding it. The maximum capacity of a car is 2 passengers and the sound of the character in the car maybe that of pill bugs Tuck or Roll

Another impressive attraction is the Princess Dot Puddle Park which has an oversized garden hose nozzle that sprays water at guests. The garden is full of oversized tools.