Discounted Disneyland tickets – scam or real deal?


Investigative reporter Christopher Heath of Eyewitness News has uncovered the Disneyland ticket scams which targets the Disneyland employees. The brokers who act as the middle man between the buyer and seller of the tickets use illegal methods to accumulate large number of Disneyland tickets and use free and paid classifieds as well as internet forums to sell those illegal tickets.

There are many unreliable websites online that claim to sell cheap and discounted Disneyland tickets online. Last year Louise Hall and Robert Stevens were the victims of such cheap Disney ticket scam. His girlfriend, Louise Hall was caught in the front gate of Magic Kingdom and was informed that she was holding a fake Disneyland ticket. Such incidents humiliate the visitors who does not even know whether the ticket’s they believe to be legally owned and what has been told to them at the time of purchase online was actually a scam and carrying illegal Disney tickets and using them would be charged with  second-degree misdemeanor.


The people who are running this ticket scams are now targeting Disney employees who can get discounted cheap Disney land tickets. These scam agents befriend the Disneyland employees and asks them to purchase tickets for them and their families. They may act as friends and once they get this cheap Disney land tickets they sell it to the distributor. To compact such spams the state banned the reuse of partially used Disneyland Multiday Park passes, the law creates a loophole for the sale of unused single-day passes. The employee tickets cannot be resold. The tourism directors advise the visitors to only buy tickets from licensed dealers whether you are dealing with them online or offline.

There are fake companies who buy multi-day park hopper passes that still has unused days in them and resell these multi-day park hopper passes to tourists globally. This network of ticket transactions is huge and the tickets pass through many middle men and agencies until it reaches the unfortunate buyer. Selling of multi-day park hopper passes is a violation of Disney’s policies and they have devised means to identify such multi-day park hopper passes that still has unused days on them. Many sites imply that they are just renting this deep discounted Disneyland tickets. Disney does not offer tickets that can be rented or reused. These websites then ask you to return back the tickets that you have used to them. They even have collection agents of tickets inside the Disneyland resorts. They would distribute the tickets to the purchased visitors (Who have already made payments online) in the morning and collect back the tickets during the night around 7-8pm inside Disneyland.

Every day hundreds of people gets ripped off when they buy cheap discount Disneyland tickets and park hopper passes online. There are a couple of offline agencies and agents who sell Disney World discount tickets. Beware of them.


Avoid buying Disney World discount tickets from Ebay or Craigslist


There are many sellers on ebay and Craigslist who offer Disney World discount tickets at very cheap price. They seem to be active during the festive seasons and you can find a lot of listing on Ebay and Craigslist on those days. The problem is that you cannot verify whether these cheap and discounted Disney tickets are used in the past and the image shown alongside the post may not be of the real Disneyland ticket. In many cases you can spot a fake user by seeing his seller rating of (0 but when you enquire them about that many would respond by saying that this is the first time they are offering Disneyland tickets online and they are individuals rather than agents. So in this case most of the buyers will buy from the seller on Ebay or Craigslist even though the seller has no previous sales record.


Never buy partially used tickets


You should never buy partially used Disneyland tickets or park hopper passes because you cannot tell the days that remain on the ticket just by looking. Only through Disney land verification you could determine whether a ticket is used or unused. Disney uses a “biometric” system to verify a card or a pass. They even asks you to put your finger in the little slot when you enter a park and keep records of it so they can verify any unusual activity on future dates. Buying and selling of used Disney tickets is illegal and is against the law. Disney would bar you from entering the parks if they find you using a fake ticket. So buying cheap Disneyland tickets without verifying the seller is illegal and you may lose your hard earned money.

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