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Monsters Inc Has It’s Own Ride Now!

The New Monsters Inc. Ride: Monsters Inc.  Mike And Sulley To The Rescue

Monsters Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue is one of favorite family attractions in Disneyland, especially for family with young kids. Located in Hollywood Pictures Backlot in Disneyland California Adventure in Anaheim, California, this attraction takes guests on a dark ride in and around Fantasyland; Monsters … Read More

Disneyland Opens the All New Fantasy Faire Theater!

The New Fantasy Faire, Royal Hall & Royal Theatre

Although there are numerous electrifying and compelling attractions at the Disneyland Resort, The New Fantasy Faire, Royal Hall & Royal Theatre is by far the most captivatingly popular attraction.

On March 12th, Disneyland premiered The New Fantasy Faire, Royal Hall & Royal Theatre. Part of Disneyland’s expansive Fantasyland, Fantasy Faire is … Read More

Disney Junior Live is the Perfect Show For Little Kids

The Disney Junior Live On Stage In CA Adventure

Bring the little ones for this energetic theater-style show featuring magical puppets and the Disney crew. Anyone who loves whimsical stage shows with get-up-and-dance songs, engaging story lines and exciting escapades will love the array of live performances that rotate through the Animation Courtyard Theater. It is based on the Disney … Read More

The Bakery Tour Hosted by Boudin is Now Open in California Adventure

This appetizing tour, which is presented by the Boudin Bakery, explains the story behind the famed San Francisco bakery that was started by Isidore Boudin. He notably created San Francisco sourdough bread back in 1849, in a small shop on Dupont Street. Today, Boudin Bakery holds the record in San Francisco for being the city’s oldest company, having remained open … Read More

It’s Tough to Be a Bug Is An Amazing 3D Show in California Adventure

As technological advancements began to infiltrate every genre and aspect of our life, 3-dimensional TV’s and films are becoming much more prevalent. With increased popularity, amusement parks including Disneyland are incorporating 3-D mini movies into their major attractions. Spectacular 3-D films are engaging and interactive.

Disneyland features its best attraction ever, It’s Tough to Be a Bug.

Curious as to … Read More

The All New Muppet Vision 3D Show arrives in CA Adventure!


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Jim … Read More