Have your thought of going to Disneyland? If yes, here are quick travel tips that will explain you how to make the most out of your visit? Obviously, you wanted to spend your time in visiting best areas only. You don’t have to waste your time in visiting every shop at Disney land. The best option is to purchase items at the Disney store World which is located at the entrance of park that can be visited before you leave the park.

1.       Enjoy the rides

Rides are the number one reason why people love to visit Disneyland. These rides are suitable for every age group. Some of the best rides are Space Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure and the Submarine Voyage. There is Fast Pass for going through different rides at Disneyland faster. It will saves your time in line rather than have to wait in the regular line.

2.       Character Experience

Disneyland is the home for magical Disney characters. This is the place where you can spend time with Disney characters and take picture with your favorite one. Just simply walk around the park and you can communicate with popular Disney characters. Check the complete details at the entrance board about your favorite characters and meet them at the same place.

3.       Watch Fireworks

The fireworks is truly amazing and beyond life at Disneyland. You should not miss this wonderful event when going to Disneyland Park. There may be variation in shows according to different seasons. To watch your favorite fireworks, you should plan your trip accordingly.

4.       World of Color

Disneyland offers wonderful color shows at night. It puts the water and color together for unforgettable Disneyland experience featured with excellent music vibrations. The show is located inside California Adventure and you should not forget to get your fast pass tickets to view the show.

5.       Watch Parade

Parades are just another way to see Disneyland characters and they are appreciated by every individual. It brings almost all Disney stars together. At different occasion, you can enjoy seasonal parades also. To know more about different Disney parades, don’t forget to check the entertainment schedule either online or offline.

6.       Watch amazing show

Even if you have enjoyed multiple rides at Disneyland, its magic continues at creative shows. Aladdin is their most popular show which is highly appreciated by all age groups. The show is so amazing that it will take you into fantasy. The show is equally funny and jokes will take you in different world of entertainment. Adventure is also added in the show for make it more interesting. Other than Aladdin, there are many popular shows that will surely get your attraction and appreciation.

7.       Go Shopping

For unforgettable Disney experience, don’t forget to take some of the fantasy Disney items to your home. Just go through all these tips for enjoying your stay. And always search for the best deals on your Disneyland tickets before arriving to the park to get the cheap price.



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